We always strive to provide our customers with more and our franchisees with additional opportunities to increase returns. With OBC house brands, we are able to provide shoppers with a quality and consistency they have come to love and trust at a price they can afford.

The OBC range includes a vast selection of products, each of which is quality checked by us to ensure that when customers carry our brand name into their homes, it’s an experience they will come back for more.

OBC’s range of house brands has grown to encompass many of South Africa’s most sought after products, which we are able to provide at a lower price point than other premium stores.

By paying particular attention to quality and consistency, OBC has built a strong reputation of our own brands. By maintaining control over the product, we are able to deliver the same quality year in and year out.

Not only do our products compare favorably to the most well-established branded products, but they are more affordable for our customers. Building a trust and loyalty in our brand, that keeps customers coming back to our stores.

These products serve to add value to our customers. Most importantly, they carry our name into the homes of South Africans countrywide. Reinforcing our message and turning OBC into a household name for our vast target market.