During September, OBC Head Office hosted franchisees at the Waterhaven Country Estate. The purpose of the gathering was to inform everyone about current events, communicate our strategy going forward, listen to feedback by franchisees and have some fun. In the picture below, Tony da Fonseca is shown opening proceedings.

In-house legal eagle Morne van Dyk introduced the Herding Cats platform. He also provided a succinct overview of latest legal developments impacting operations with emphasis on hygiene regulations.

Miguel de Freitas provided an overview of supply chain developments as he sees them. His analysis of market realities covered beef,chicken ,pork and fish from local and imported sources.

Johan van Wyk stressed the importance of pushing OBC house brands because, as he put it, consumers can’t find them anywhere else. He also introduced the new packaging.

Paul Ornelas explained his new role as National Franchise Manager. He emphasised the need for compliance with strict hygiene regulations and that non-conforming stores would face temporary closure.

Victor Domingues introduced himself as the National Manager – Corporate stores. He explained that he sees his role as supporting the NFM and the network’s franchisees by developing and sharing best practices.

Ricky Ferrão provided an overview of the latest developments in the OBC IT department. Items that stood out were POS/Scale integration, electronic shelf talkers and the new label printing system.

Robbie Capazorio gave an insight into the OBC brand’s local and international roll-out plans, explained the OBC Savings Club and listed some impressive statistics on marketing initiatives during 2019 to date.

Mmabatho Magoai’s presentation revolved around the desire to broaden the appeal of the OBC brand. This is the rationale behind the concept of Thola Zonke – Get it all: Quality, Affordability and Convenience.