OBC Chicken and Meat have rewarded more than 8 000 customers with instant airtime as a thank you for shopping at the OBC Chicken and Meat stores.

The initiative was run in partnership with BrandBack across all our stores nationwide from the 25th of July to the 2nd of August and the response was fantastic! OBC Chicken managed to reward a whopping 8 728 customers INSTANTLY!

Customers had Random rewards, ComeBack Top 30 rewards, Top 5 rewards and the very engaging Facebook reward where one lucky person won R500 instant airtime. See what shoppers had to say about OBC Chicken on the OBC Chicken Facebook page.

The partnership with BrandBACK began when miSlip™ was introduced to the OBC Chicken stores, enabling our customers to manage their slips and expenses through a digital detailed expense management platform. Over 250 000 shoppers have signed up at OBC Chicken stores and are enjoying the simplicity of either taking a picture of their till slip, uploading it onto the application or simply having the joy of it sent directly from till to their safely guarded online vault.

The OBC Groups mission is to support the low to mid-market sector by providing quality, affordability and convenience with more value for money.