To keep the OBC image and product range fresh in the minds of our customers is a neverending task. On the one hand, we dare not making too many changes to our corporate identity because goodwill could be lost. On the other hand, leaving it “as is” for too long could eventually render us irrelevant.

Our Marketing Department’s response to this dilemma is to make almost imperceptible changes to the brand image on a regular basis. This ensures that we maintain brand appeal without alienating some of our long-time

You will have noticed by now that we are currently working on revamping the appearance of the packaging for our house brands. It was high time to do this because some of the label designs are more than 16 years old. Although they continue to be well received by our customers they have become a little dated nonetheless. Inconsistencies in design and presentation have also crept in over the years and these needed to be addressed.

To sum up, the time is right to give our house brand range a facelift. We are not talking about any major changes, we merely want the packaging to reflect the quality and goodness of the products that make up the OBC house brand range. Plus, all products will show the new logo and those of South African origin the Proudly South African designation.