Attracting feet into your OBC stores…

Motivated and supported by the members of the OBC Advertising Club, our marketing team at head office is constantly exploring opportunities for driving feet into our franchisees’ stores and increase ticket values. They usually achieve this objective.

An outstanding recent example is the highly successful Scratch & Win competition 2018. It offered 50,000 lucky customers the chance to win prizes ranging from refrigerators to R2.00 airtime vouchers and lots of items in-between. Prizes included:

  • Defy Fridges
  • Electric kettles
  • Electric irons
  • Kiddies plastic scooters
  • Microwave ovens
  • 00 OBC instore vouchers
  • Tins of OBC baked beans
  • Airtime vouchers to the value of either R2.00 or R5.00
  • 2lt bottles of OBC-branded cooking oil
  • 2lt bottles of OBC-branded cold drinks
  • 2kg packs of OBC rice
  • 2kg packs of OBC IQF chicken

Although the total value of the prizes on offer reached 1 million Rand, individual items were of relatively small value. This made it possible to give just about every customer the chance to be a winner and they loved it!

More than anything else, our customers enjoyed the straightforward process. No complex rules, no forms to fill in or websites to go to. On making a purchase to the value of R450 or more, they received a scratch card. After peeling off a tab they knew immediately whether they were winners, and if so, what they had won.

Of course, running a competition of this nature would not be possible without a substantial investment into IT. In this instance, the V-switch technology we used made it cost-effective to dispense low-value airtime vouchers and OBC shopping vouchers.

Seen from our franchisees’ viewpoint, there is yet another positive worthy of mention. All prizes were made available at no cost to franchisees. The full cost of R1 million was shared between the OBC Group itself and its suppliers who made significant contributions.

Going forward, the OBC Group will continue to invest in IT and marketing to further cement our rightful place among retailers in our sector. Combined with the hard work our franchisees put in, this gives the brand a significant competitive advantage, for mutual benefit.