Our new, state of the art, DC is currently under construction. On its completion, it will take our warehousing and distribution capabilities to a new level.
Truth be told, our current premises were never ideal because dry goods storage and refrigerated storage were at two separate locations. More recently, we were also hampered by a shortage of storage space. In an effort to keep ahead of the anticipated growth curve, we decided to acquire state-of-the art facilities that would accommodate our head office and both warehouses under one roof.

Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. As some of you will know, our original intention was to build the DC in Lanseria. We acquired what we thought was a suitable piece of land but unexpected problems arose around proclamation, making it uneconomical to proceed. This put us into a bit of a bind because leases at our current premises were running out. The situation was further exacerbated by the cold storage facility we occupied having aged to an extent that maintenance simply became uneconomical.
We did not allow that to interrupt operations. As an interim measure, we took out a short-term lease on refrigerated premises. These premises are of a higher operational standard than those we had occupied previously and we could use some of the design features in the specifications for our new premises.

At more or less the same time, we had to vacate a portion of our dry goods warehouse. In this instance, we made do with the reduced space but went higher with our racking.
The new building we acquired will become a state-of-the-art warehouse with all the bells and whistles required to store and distribute goods effectively. Plus, the premises have a much larger outside loading area, meaning that the congestion our suppliers’ vehicles experienced will be a thing of the past.
At the time we became aware of the property building works had already commenced. We saw this as an advantage because it made it possible to estimate the completion date more accurately. So far, so good, but what about customisation? Fortunately for us, building was still at an early stage, making it possible to design the interior to our own specifications.

The building will be ready for occupation at the beginning of 2018,
and we have planned our move in two stages:
Stage 1 (Mid-January): Dry goods warehouse and head office
Stage 2 (End February): Cold storage.
Expect to receive an invitation for the official opening of this magnificent new facility.