In an effort to develop soccer in South Africa while at the same time identifying talented youngsters for possible development on the international stage, Portuguese soccer club
FC Porto sent three coaches to South Africa to conduct a soccer camp. The camp, which was held at the Jeppe Quondam soccer facility, extended over four days and was co-sponsored by the OBC Group. ACDC Dynamics were the other sponsors.

30 youngsters from a small soccer club in Tembisa and two of their coaches were selected for the programme. They were given a once-in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the best and show whether they have the skills required to succeed in the highly competitive world of international soccer.

At the end of the four days, one youngster was identified as having the potential to make it big. He will travel to Portugal soon for a try-out. As for the rest of them, they learnt a lot, had fun and have now returned to their local club with the seed for greatness being embedded in them. It is up to them, and their local coaches who will carry on the legacy, to make it grow and flourish. 

The group of 30 soccer stars in the making were proud to be kitted out in the colours of FC Porto, with the OBC logo on the sleeves. Another highlight was the moment when each participant received a generously-sized OBC hamper.