The first OBC store started trading in 1987 and we have worked hard ever since to offer customers a wide range of quality chicken, meat, fish and other daily food essentials in an ultramodern retail environment.

Moreover, our rapidly growing number of stores has supported deserving community events in the past but largely in an uncoordinated manner. The outbreak of Covid-19 calls for immediate and decisive action, prompting us to set up the OBC Thusanang Fund. It has seed capital of R500 000
Pledges received before the official launch bring this figure to R575 000

Monies currently available are being used to prepare emergency relief food hampers and we are working with SASSA, various local churches and charities to find deserving recipients. These will be done through our national network of stores and funds received will be allocated proportionately to each store to provide food relief in their immediate community.

This is a promising start but, given that over half of South Africa’s total population does not enjoy food security, need will continue to outstrip available resources. That is why we have appealed to our suppliers, our franchisees and their employees to contribute.

We now make a similar appeal to you. We know that times have been tough for a while and the lock- down has made matters worse. However, even the smallest amount will help to feed a family that otherwise might hungry.

Because the OBC Group carries the full cost of filling and distributing the hampers, every cent paid into the dedicated bank account will benefit intended beneficiaries directly. Our auditors will attest to that.

To donate, please use the following bank account:
OBC Group (Pty) Ltd, trading as OBC Hamper Relief Fund. The Nedbank account no. is 1202827691.

Covid-19 poses the greatest challenge our beloved South Africa has ever faced. It is only by working together to the best of our abilities that we can beat it! There is simply no other realistic alternative.

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For more than three decades, OBC group has grown its footprint which now covers every corner of South Africa and beyond.

What differentiates us from other food retailers is the fact that our franchisees understand the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve. One of the ways in which we demonstrate community spirit is to support local charitable causes and other events that are close to the hearts of local communities. Given the rapid growth of our network over the past few years, we felt that it would be proper to adopt a more formal and sustainable approach to giving. This resulted in the formation of the OBC Thusanang Fund. Thusanang means “helping each other” in Sotho and expresses our intentions perfectly.

To put the fund on a solid footing, we made initial seed capital of R500 000 available. Although the fund’s establishment coincided with the outbreak of Covid-19, we do not see this as a once-off initiative. Even before the official launch of the fund, two of our franchisees pledged contributions of R25 000 each. Combined with added contributions by suppliers, service providers and private individuals, brought the fund’s initial capitalisation to R646 000.

We thought long and hard how the fund’s monies should be spent and decided that initially at least, it should be used to address South Africa’s most pressing current need, namely to feed the hungry. Quite obviously, this decision was influenced in part by the outbreak of Covid-19 because it worsened an already difficult situation, with millions of South Africans being unable to work and therefore going hungry. However, it makes commercial sense as well because our standing as a large operator in the food sector enables us to negotiate the most bang for each buck spent.

We are confident that further contributions are in the pipeline. To make it happen, we have sent out letters to suppliers, franchisees, other associates and even the network’s staff, inviting them to contribute towards the fund to the best of their ability. We also plan to invite our stores’ customers to contribute. Our communications stress that large and small contributions would be equally welcome, and feedback received to date has been encouraging.

To donate, please use the following bank account:

  • OBC Group (Pty) Ltd, trading as OBC Hamper Relief Fund
  • Nedbank account: 1202827691

Robbie Capazorio