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Our Story

Hello there. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to OBC Better Butchery. We’re one of South Africa’s fastest growing retail brands, with a mission to support the low to mid market sector by providing quality, affordability and convenience.

While we don’t like to fluff our tail feathers too much, our story is one we’re really quite proud of. You see, in 30 years OBC Chicken has grown to a network of over 75 stores and a solid foundation is now ready for rapid nationwide expansion. We did it by thinking about the everyday needs of ordinary South Africans. Positioning OBC stores strategically near to mass market communities and transport nodes, we offer convenient access to frozen chicken, fish, red meat, processed meat and other essential grocery items to a growing market.

It’s taken hard work and dedication, but today we’ve succeeded in establishing a foothold in almost every region. With stores in Gauteng, North West, Northern Province, Free State, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Northern Cape Provinces. Bringing success and attracting foot traffic to communities and centres wherever we go.

& Convenience

The pride we take in the quality of our food is echoed in the care we take with our brand. A proud FASA member, we’ve invested in our success through sustained, effective advertising and painstakingly built one of the most recognised and well-loved names within this segment.

This is part of the reason that OBC Chicken has become the tenant of choice in the chicken and meat segment. In fact, many stores that undergo conversion to OBC, experience an overnight uptick in trade immediately after the OBC branding goes up.

Wherever people love good food, they love OBC.
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Feeding a growing success
story since 1987

At the heart of the OBC success story is a set of strong family values, coupled with a powerful business model and a well-established brand.

We offer smaller store owners the benefits of belonging to a large retail group, with all the advantages that brings. Including bulk-buying, reliable, consistent deliveries, competitive pricing, aggressive marketing, access to finance and auxiliary services such as cash collection services, as well as more competitive group banking fee structures and group assurance products.

In our time, we’ve grown into a self-contained and efficient franchise operation. Providing a core range to the franchise network through 2 distribution centres and a dedicated delivery system. Ensuring all our shelves are always stocked with the products our customers crave.

It’s a model that has fed our success for decades and helped us grow to more than 90 stores nationwide. Not only do we nurture our quality and our products. We nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of South Africa’s hard-working people. Enabling smaller store owners to compete with larger chains and achieve their business dreams.

Distribution Centre

Geared To Satisfy A Growing Hunger For Our Products

In the retail game, success is measured in shelf space. Stock-outs and other setbacks can severely hamper any store’s prospects for success. Customers who don’t find what they want, simply don’t come back.

OBC has put supply and distribution at the core of our business model. Ensuring that our nationwide footprint of stores always has access to the products their customers crave.

We buy in bulk to secure competitive prices. We consistently maintain optimal stock levels in our highly optimised distribution centre and operate a dedicated fleet of trucks, serving our stores daily.

This distribution support structure ensures that stores can limit stock levels to a 5 day supply, secure in the knowledge that our much beloved products are always within reach of a hungry population.

This system eliminates much of the complexity for store owners who no longer need to place many orders from different suppliers. Apart from a few items such as Dairy and processed meats, which are obtained from outside suppliers, most of our core products can be ordered through head office. Store owners place with one call and products arrive via one or 2 deliveries.

Our cold storage centre stocks and supplies perishable products. This centre maintains the freshness and quality of products such as chicken, meat, fish and cheese, ready to deliver to stores on demand. Which means we can take advantage of local or imported opportunities as they arise.

The Dry Goods Centre stocks a wide range of groceries ranging from rice, oil, and baked beans to many other South African daily essentials

Our Franchise


The OBC operations team has overseen the successful establishment of over 90 stores. Mastering the art of taking willing entrepreneurs to thriving OBC franchisees via the shortest route possible.

Decades on the front line of the retail game have taught us the best practices in countless retail touch-points. From optimised store layouts that lead customers to the products they’re looking for, to accounting and management issues. We give entrepreneurs the tools to ensure their success.
Every new franchisee receives everything they need to get set up and get up and running from the word go. From shop fitting and merchandising, to computer system installation and on-site training for all staff and managers, OBC provides the support that will give new store-owners the best chance of success regardless of their experience in the retail environment.

picture of some of the OBC family celebrating a store launch


In addition, OBC has laid out strict quality standards to safeguard the reputation of our stores and the quality of our goods. We conduct regular quality inspections to ensure stores are up to scratch in terms of cleanliness and hygiene levels. A factor which is vital to an operation handling perishable food goods.

We ensure all our stores are laying out correctly and that products are packaged, displayed and merchandised according to our guidelines. If any of our stores fails to meet our standards, the operations team will assist them to get back on track.


Finally, as an established retail group, we offer franchisees the advantage of a large well-resourced support structure. This depth of resource that means stores can enjoy unlimited growth.
As our stores grow, we grow with them and help them retain the values that make the brand what it is, no matter how big they get.